How the Facebook Algorithm Works in 2021 ?

“OMG the algorithm is changing!”

As business owners, it’s not that hard to get lost in the ‘whats’ & ‘hows’ of the day to day tasks and lose sight of the ‘whos’ and ‘whys’. Since we spend much of our day navigating the ads manager, we know that getting very involved in the ins and outs of the infinite combinations of metrics can draw you in. So we’ve welcomed the opportunity to step back to the bigger picture.

Pour rappel, l’algorithme permet à Facebook de décider des publications que les utilisateurs voient et de l’ordre dans lequel elles s’affichent dans leur fil d’actualité.

Depuis 2018, l’algorithme évolue rapidement, témoignant des efforts de Facebook pour offrir des moments plus intéressants et plus pertinents à ses internautes.

En 2020, Facebook met l’accent sur la transparence de sa plateforme, octroyant à ses utilisateurs plus de contrôle sur ce qu’ils voient. Facebook a ainsi mené plusieurs sondages directement auprès d’eux pour recueillir des données et des opinions. Désormais, il existe un bouton sur lequel les utilisateurs peuvent cliquer pour savoir pourquoi une publication donnée s’affiche dans leur fil d’actualité.


The Facebook algorithm is similar to Instagram’s, rather than publishing content chronologically, it orders them as it may be relevant to users.

Here are how it works and things you can do to benefit.

  1. Timeliness

The Facebook algorithm makes sure that posts with more engagements are prioritized over others, and this is why timing is important. Schedule posts to go up when they are most likely to receive more engagement.

  1. Add Video to Your Content

Ensure to add a video to your content more frequently. This is important because Facebook has noted that video contents drive more engagement from users on their platform. The algorithm is also designed to provide video content.

  1. Use Employees and Brand Enthusiast

Facebook is a primary platform for connecting family and friends. So, it goes without saying that the algorithm prioritizes posts from family and friends over ones from businesses. This is why employee advocacy is so important, because as far as the algorithm is concerned, the mention is just friends and family interaction.

  1. Use Facebook Groups

Recently, organic engagement on business pages has become alarmingly low. A drop as low as 2% has since been reported. This is why it has become expedient for businesses to engage more in target Facebook groups to drive up engagement.

  1. Paid Promotion

It’s good for businesses to invest in growing their organic engagement. There’s, however, much more benefit in also investing in Paid promotion. The ROI has been said to be as high as 93%.

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