Social Media Content Strategy for Small Business


Social Media Content Strategy for Small Business

Social media has become one of the most efficient medium for small businesses to deliver their content to a wide range of audiences. This is chiefly due to the surge in the number of social media users in recent times. As a small business, bringing in leads to your social media page is one thing, curating great content that will keep them as well as spur them to take action is another thing, and the most crucial part.

Unfortunately, most small businesses often tend to treat their social media efforts with the levity of a personal blog. They make posts random and inconsistent. Some even, altogether, abandon their pages for weeks on end. This poor marketing practices with yield nothing and take the business nowhere.

As a small business, you should be mindful of your brand awareness, customer engagement, and retention. One way to do this is to pay attention to your social media content marketing. And to experience success in social media content marketing, a compelling content strategy is necessary.

Hear how you can draw up your own social media content strategy:

  1. Target Specific Audience

The important first step in social media content strategy is knowing all there’s to know about your desired audience. You can’t possibly create content that will resonate with all demographics, this is why it’s important to carve out your target. Once the target audience is secured, it should be properly researched; collect data—age, employment status, general interests, etc.—before you may proceed to create content. Ask questions like; what will they respond to? What’s currently obtainable in that niche? Google analytics comes in handy for collecting this basic information. For more comprehensive data, a survey may be carried out, it can on your social media pages or your website.

  1. Set Goals

Once you are sure about your audience, the next step is to determine what you intend to achieve with your content. Without set goals, even the finest of content strategy will come to naught. Brand awareness, customer engagement, customer retention, and increased sales are some of such goals. Whichever goals you set for your content, the important thing to note is that they should specific as they are trackable. Unrealistic expectations should be avoided by all means.

  1. Schedule Content

Maintain a social media content calendar. This will keep things organized and leave no room for erratic posting. It will give your small business a generally organized outlook. Always follow thought with your calendar. When scheduling your content, take note of the best to post content, and which type of content will be suitable for what social media platform.

  1. Promote Content

Everything you would have done up to this point will be useless if you don’t get it out there for your audience to see, which is the ultimate goal. Once you post content, endeavour to do the due diligence of promoting it. Paid promotion on social media has a really high ROI.

  1. Track Result

After posting and promoting contents, don’t go to sleep. Always check for feedback. Collect data, see what’s working and what is not. Repurpose and post contents with high engagement and conversion, and tone down on the ones with little or none. This will help focus your effort.

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